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It creates a feeling
of well-being & deep relaxation
within just a few minutes
to reduce stress & anxiety


Stay dry & dressed for your hydro-jet body massage!

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After or during a busy day,
you simply lie down and relax while enjoying
a full body massage by invisible hands!

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No need to undress for more
comfort and rapidity!
 You are protected
by a natural rubber sheet.

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2 powerful water jets
with a temperature of between 18 and 42°C
are projected with a pressure of 0.5-7.4 bar

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Both water jets travel back & forth
from cranial to distal or vice-versa,
massaging the entire body
along different directions of movement.

Stay dry & dressed for your hydro-jet body massage!

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Back and joint pain
Muscle tensions
Cervical migraine
Muscular imbalances and fatigues
Stress pathologies and states of exhaustion
Non-inflammatory, rheumatic diseases
Venous and lymphatic congestion symptoms

[rs_section_title align=”center” title=”HOLISTIC Benefits” title_color=”#d2681d” bottom=”5px”]

Increased blood circulation in muscles, skin and tissue
Stimulation of metabolism and lymph flow
Regulation of muscle tone
Joint relief
Support for body’s natural detox processes
Strengthening of the immune system
Skin and tissue toning


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A payment systems provides an all-in-one solution for magnetic swipe, contact, and contactless operations to switch on and off the equipment.

A touchscreen panel allows the user to start on and off a program and to regulate such massage parameters as intensity, width and section even while the massage is already being administered.

Users can select a variety of pre-set massages that have been developed by experienced therapists.

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To visit our Aguatica Suite and get your FREE hydro-jet body massage

[rs_contact_details icon=”fa fa-phone” title=”Call Us” content_size=”15px” icon_bg_color=”#d2681d”]+352 661 157 062[/rs_contact_details]
[rs_contact_details icon=”fa fa-map-marker” title=”ADDRESS” title_size=”12px” content_size=”15px” icon_bg_color=”#d2681d”]17 rue de Schandel
8715 LUXEMBOURG[/rs_contact_details]
[rs_contact_details icon=”fa fa-envelope” title=”EMAIL ” content_size=”15px” icon_bg_color=”#d2681d”]FRANCOIS@AGUATICA.COM[/rs_contact_details]

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